Innovative, cost effective and space saving heating for outdoor spaces

Features & Specifications 

The Hotseat is designed for outdoor use and is durable enough to withstand any weather. The seats are covered in hard wearing vinyl which looks amazing and can be customised in pretty much any design you choose. Typically the vinyl covering will last 2 years before showing any signs of wear. It is really simple to replace meaning it is quick and easy to refresh and revamp your Hotseat.
Hotseat Barstool Long Bench
Length: 2760mm
Height: bar stool height
Seats: 5-7
Running costs: 1kw / 14p per hour approx
Extras: stainless steel foot rail attached

Brand Driven
Branding in pubs is a very powerful tool and the right partnership can be extremely beneficial for both you and your supplier when it comes to making those important extra sales.  

Joint branding is the perfect way to get your first Hotseat and can help cover the majority of your purchase cost. Have a think about which of your key partners might benefit from having their branding on a product that is the centre of attention in your outdoor space….. 
Hotseat Standard Height Bench - Long
Length: 2760mm
Height: standard height
Seats: 5-7
Running costs: 1kw / 14p per hour approx
Installation could not be simpler, All we need is access to a standard socket! 
If you want to automate operation then a qualified electrician can add a timer and a second thermostat so you can put it to use at the times that are best for you and your customers.

All Hotseat UK products are CE Certified and come with 2 years warranty.

Hotseat Standard Height Bench - Medium
Length: 1670mm
Height: standard height. 
Seats: 3
Running costs: 600 watt / 8p per hour approx
Bespoke Design & Build 
We also offer a Bespoke Design and Build option. If you have a unique space that needs a Hotseat but neither of our standard length options work then we can build you one that does! Our Bespoke design team will work with you to create the exact finish you or you sponsors require and will apply your design to your Hotseat and send you a final photo before shipping.

Hotseat Backless Bench - Long
Length: 2760mm
Height: standard height 
Seats: 5-7
Running costs: 500 watt / 6p per hour approx
Extras: Smaller leg sections means it only weighs 45kgs making it easy to move around. Fold away option.
Hotseat Backless Bench - Medium
Length: 1670mm
Height: standard height
Seats: 3
Running costs: 300 watt / 5p per hour approx
Extras: Weighs just 30kgs. Fold away option
Fold Away Innovation

We are always looking for ways we can develop The Hotseat in order to provide a heated seating solution for every scenario. The Hotseat Fold Away option is designed for more public areas and front of venue fixing. Attached to the wall on a hinge system with folding legs, it is perfect for areas where space is limited. 

Both our long and medium backless benches are available with 'Fold Away'. 
HotSeat UK are offering premium sites the opportunity for an exclusive 2 week free trial of a heated bench in the run up to Christmas and New Year. We have a limited supply of demo units so you will need to hurry and book us in now to secure yours!!
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