Innovative, cost effective and space saving heating for outdoor spaces
HotSeat UK can fill your beer garden the whole year round

HotSeat UK: Outdoor Heated Seating

Imagine if you could maintain your seasonal trade by better utilising your beer garden and patio areas throughout the year.

Heated benches from HotSeat UK provide an innovative, space saving and cost-effective solution to heating these outdoor spaces, making them inviting and usable all year round. Keeping your customers warm, happy and spending money.

The HotSeat has impressive green credentials too, compared to conventional heating solutions in use.

"Customers LOVE it. It’s new, different and will create a real talking point for your business"

Mark McLaughlan
The Old Brewery Greenwich

Your Hotseat's hard-wearing vinyl covering can be customised in hundreds of ways to drive your own brand awareness or provide new opportunities to partner up with sponsors. 
The HotSeat is incredibly energy efficient
Our standard heated bench costs just 6p per hour to run. 

"The money you save on energy bills could pay for a new Hotseat within a year"

Hot Seat, heated seating running costs
HotSeat UK can offer premium sites the opportunity for an exclusive 2 week free trial of a heated bench. We have a limited supply of demo units so you will need to hurry and book us in now to secure yours!!
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